Leopard & Gold Accents

Leopard & Gold Accents
Leopard & Gold are my favorite colors. Yes I believe leopard is a color. My dream is to have my entire house to be accented with these two colors. By the end of the year this will happen and Brown Haired Boy will love it. He really is amazing though to put up with all of my shenanigans.

Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List
Polyvore is absolutely amazing! My husband doesn’t know his way around pinterest so I figured this was the best way to help him out with my gift/s for Christmas. I couldn’t find the exact treadmill but I want the Nordic Track C900 which is not as expensive as the other kinds but gets the job done.
Gifting for us is hard because our Anniversary is only 3 days before Xmas. . . but that just means a bigger present right?! We will be celebrating 3 years this Sunday! Time does fly by when you are in love. . . corny indeed!