Find what makes YOU happy

Sometimes too much time passes before I write. Life gets busy for everyone and lately it’s been a little hectic but wonderful at the same time!


Trying to put together a race is a lot of hard work! Advertising for this race has been even harder. But I know it will be such a fun race!

Stoplight 5K for Valentines Day! 

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Our store is moving to a new location. The process of everything is blowing my mind. I am learning so much and am so grateful for this opportunity. Being in charge of choosing paint, carpet, and design is a little stressful but it’s fun!


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Picture thoughts/captions:

  • Meal prepping has been my favorite activity lately. I definitely go through phases but what wont change is my love for planning the meals out and especially the grocery shopping. Almost everything about it. Minus the dishes.
  • I eat a lot of salads. It is my favorite way to get my greens in!
  • Meat lately has not been my favorite. Seafood on the other hand- – keep it coming!
  • There’s to my phases theme again. I’ve loved my veggies though!
  • Sugar cookies have been getting my through my long runs. The thought of enjoying one after my run makes the 3 hour runs worth it!
  • I have finally decided (after 3 trips) which place has the best sugar cookies (between Swig & Slurp) The winner is Slurp! Both are great though!
  • I try to keep my eating to be 85-90% clean and 10-15% indulgent! It is what makes me happy!
  • I know this seems cliche but I don’t eat healthy just because. I actually enjoy the foods I am eating.
  • If I am craving something then I’ll eat it! i.e. the bagel from Einsteins.
  • Leo will not leave me alone when I am eating. It drives me nuts! I always give in and give him something and I know that won’t help him learn.
  • Having a stocked fridge makes me extremely happy!
  • I know what I can and cannot have in my fridge and pantry.

List of can NOTS:

  1. Cereal
  2. Nut Butters
  3. Frozen Yogurt
  4. The desserts I make even though they are healthy: I make them so I can have 1-2 then I give them away! It’s a win win right?


My week typically looks like this in preparation of  my marathon. I need to get back to my weekly speed training. I’ve actually missed them! Never thought I would say that.

  • M: Cycle and arm/back workout
  • T & Th: Pump class twice a week then 3 miles before class and 3 after
  • W: Cycle class and tone it up workout schedule
  • F: Yoga or Spin
  • S: Long runs

The pump classes have changed everything! I absolutely love going to them and my arms are already seeing a lot of change. I love working my back and this class really involves the back with every other body part. The classes work my legs without getting too sore for my long runs. It is a hard balance to lift and excel in long distance running. Thursdays’ pump class always kick my butt! Then I always follow the Tone It Up workouts! I joined a few years ago and I love the community. You are a life time member and it is definitely worth it to me!


I am learning so much about myself. I’m all for analyzing my behavior and actions. I try to be and do better each day. I love making goals and accomplishing them. Of course I struggle with some of the goals like every other human being. I am far from perfect and that is important to recognize. I don’t try to show myself as a perfect person. It is hard since I can be a perfectionist. I am slowly learning to love myself for who I am and focus on the things I can change and not on the things I can’t. This is still hard for me to realize and I still struggle daily. Brown haired boy helps me a lot and I can’t imagine a day without him.

The biggest thing is the fact that keeping a positive attitude goes a long way. I am the type of person who cannot hide my feelings. It shows all over my face. I’ve always distinguished myself and probably a little too proud of is being “Real” but I have now realized that it is possible to take it too far. There is a time and place for that whereas the idea of, “faking it until you make it,” is necessary sometimes. As much as I don’t like that idea its just what grown ups have to do sometimes! I am almost 25, and I know that is far from old but there are some grown up things that I do need to apply to my life.

The things you admire most about others usually are your weaknesses. I always admire how the positive attitudes of some of the people I meet. That is my weakness. I am not saying I am not positive. I just struggle, when things are hard, to keep smiling. That shows lack of gratitude and I would hate it if that was  considered a characteristic of mine.

I am grateful. For my Husband, family, my faith,  job, friends, and especially for the power of forgiveness and the ability to change.



My Favorite Running Gear

My Favorite Running Gear
I played sports my entire life. There wasn’t a time when I was not active. Thank you parents for that! I came to Utah from Arizona to play D1 collegiate soccer. Once my 4 years were done I got into running and racing. Ragnar was my first race and I fell in love with the sport! I get asked about my favorite running gear on a daily basis so here are some of my go-to gear:
The Sleeves are only for during exercise whereas the socks are for both during and after       (recovery). If you want sleeves for both try out Zensah since they are not medical they allow constant blood flow. I find that they have the same compression as CEP’s sleeve. Compression has helped me more than anything in terms of recovery. Definitely a necessary item for training!

Just FYI I am a neutral runner and I can wear more minimal running shoes. However I need more support and cushion for my longer runs. I always keep two in rotation to avoid injury and they serve different purposes.

Amazing headphones for women! They fit perfectly in my ears! All I need is a button to change the song, pause, and volume! Definitely worth the price tag!
4. Sketchers Go Run 2
What Sketchers?! Sketchers took a designer from both Nike and Saucony to focus on running shoes. This shoe is awesome. The upper fabric of the toe feels wonderful. This is my go to shoe for speed! Extremely light (more than the Nike Free & Saucony Kinvara) and comfortable. I suggest adding the provided sole! Less than $80!
Every time this goes on sale I snag one! I love them! So breathable and it doesn’t ride up! I wear it for spin, running, pump, and yoga! Arms look amazing and makes me look like I have a chest!
All time favorite neutral shoe! I love these for my longer runs especially outdoors. Don’t love them for the treadmill as much because they are a little bit heavier (if you are use to a minimal shoe). They offer the perfect amount of support and cushion.
The perfect watch for what I need. If you do not care about the accuracy of calories burned (it just estimates and it is pretty close) but what all the other qualities of the 210 (they have updated version now the 220 & 620 – which is pretty awesome) then it is a fantastic watch. It is the least expensive Garmin on the market.
Love this brand! They are known for their Bras but this Jacket is one of my favorites other than MPG’s Valencia (that I could not find a picture of). I live in this jacket and my MPG Valencia Hoodie (I have way too many colors in this one).
The softest capri I own! Love these for anything! They are very slimming too!
Awesome company that offers you a lifetime sock. If you ever get a hole in it you can call them and they will send you a new pair. All of their socks are great and you can’t go wrong. This is my favorite product of theirs and I never have any issues! Great sock= better running! Trust me!
I have never liked GU. I tried everything else because the texture was just too hard to fathom. However this flavor changed my world. I absolutely love it! I am not even a huge caramel fan! This was a seasonal product but since it was so popular it will become a set flavor.
I can post more about shoes if you are interested. I am a buyer for a specialty running store so I definitely have a background for running/workout gear. It is necessary for everyone to get fitted (gait analysis) for the running shoe that’s right for them. What works for me might not work for you! Especially if you need a stability shoe for over-pronating.

Lets Talk: Thoughts on Paleo

Oh the controversy of Paleo. . . I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while now but it is hard put everything down in a way that you don’t offend anyone. Then I realized that no matter what I will probably offend someone in some way. Before I get into it I would like to disclaim that I am not against Paleo. It’s definitely changed how I view food and I’ve learned so much about myself.

cayman both

For 2 years now I have been on the Paleo Train. It was not 100% Paleo but more like 80/20. I did plenty of Whole 30’s and 2 Sugar Detox’s at the level 3. I almost started another one on January 6th but realized it wasn’t for me right now. I had just done one and wasn’t ready to do another. Plus I didn’t think I needed it. What I really needed is a balance. A balance that is right for me.


With the new year I definitely had some goals in mind. Regardless of a new year, I am already a goal oriented person and constantly re-evaluating how I do things. Which is why I welcome Mondays more than any other day. It has taken me a while to feel like myself again. I lost it for a while. I thought doing challenges like the 21 day sugar detox or whole 30 would get me back to where I was. But I needed was to re-evaluate that mind set. The realization that eating this way this last year hasn’t put me where I want to be goal-wise freaked me out a little bit. I thought I was content with Paleo defining me but in reality I had a lot of ups and downs mentally and wasn’t completely happy with myself or my body. When I am not happy with myself it intervenes in the other areas of my life and that is not fair to myself or my loved ones.


What I needed was a change. You can’t out run a bad diet. Trust me I’ve tried. I know you hear that all the time but it is true. I wish I could have 2+ tablespoons of nut butter a day and stay lean but that is not going to happen. Through eating Paleo I have learned that I know my body and what foods sit well and what doesn’t. I know what I can or can’t have in my fridge and pantry. The point and key is to actually listen to yourself.

I definitely do well on a eating low-carb but not high fat.  When I am running a lot I can’t preform my best on low-carb or high in healthy fats. Paleo is not designed for long distance running. There are a lot more sweet potatoes and kabocha squash involved with higher mileage and that can leave me feeling ridiculously bloated. I have learned a lot on this clean eating journey over the years and feel like I have been through it all.

Learning that what works for others might not work for you is extremely important. I do not like bacon for breakfast each morning. I like eggs and turkey bacon though. I will not eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning. I can eat pancakes every morning though. The thought of drinking protein shakes after every workout just makes me gag regardless of how good my protein powder is.

photo 3-7

photo 1-10

My Changes

As of Late I have learned:

  • I do better with smaller meals every 2-3 hours. This isn’t really the way of Paleo eating.
  • I tend to over eat if it has been longer than 2-3 hours.
  • I don’t get hangry while eating this way nor do I think about food 24/7.
  • Keeping my workouts during the week to an hour leaves me happier and with more energy.
  • Enjoying my rest days and taking more than one a week has kept me injury-free.
  • Workouts on the weekend are usually longer and I look forward to them.
  • Interval running, body weight exercises, and pump classes keep me lean.
  • I’ve been enjoying small amounts cheese and greek yogurt, hummus, quest bars and brown rice tortillas which is definitely not Paleo.
  • I am no longer craving Paleo-desserts on a daily basis. Or over eat the desserts I do make.
  • Keeping my meals at home as simple and clean as possible works for me.
  • I am back to eating clean 85-90% of the time. The other 10-15% is reserved for chocolate.
  • I still have a Paleo-eating mindset in terms of eating real and whole foods and I always will.

photo 2-7


photo 4-5

The take away is I learned a lot from eating Paleo. I think everyone should try it out for at least a week and you will learn so much. The lifestyle is not for everyone! But I will not be labeling myself as Paleo anymore. This does not mean I will not be eating Paleo meals or stop pinning Paleo Recipes. I have realized what makes me happy and that has always been my main goal. I did see a lot of results when I first starting eating Paleo; however, for the goals that I have right now I will not see the result that I want unless I change. The changes that I have implemented I am already seeing results.


What works for you? 

Have you tried eating a diet similar to Paleo? 

I’d love to hear what you guys think! The good and bad! (hope I don’t regret saying the bad)

Taste of Life Lately

Life has been crazy around here. I wish I had reviews for you but to be honest we haven’t gone anywhere new. With a new job, family reunion, having my little brother live with us, and new training schedule its been busy to say the least.

My new job is great. I’m finally doing something in a field that I love. The first week on the job was actually at the Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. It is a huge convention that has pretty much every brand out there showing their new lines. This convention was incredible. I was able to meet amazing people and the experience just makes me want to dive right into everything involved. Plus being a buyer at a convention has its positives too. . .



The family reunion was the best one yet. Probably because I was able to be a part of it this time! Previous years it was always hit and miss on how many times I saw the family. This year I saw them every other day it was perfect. Brown haired boy unfortunately only saw them one day. Seven Peaks, Boating, Park City, and just being together was just what the doctor ordered. Family is everything to me. I don’t get to see them often but when I do I try to embrace every second of it. BHB and I joked saying we don’t need kids we have our nieces and nephews!





pic 4

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photo (72)

photo (74)

Having my little brother here has been nice. It is fun taking loved ones around your town. Which is why we haven’t tried anything new lately because we’ve been taking him to all of our favorite places. He loved Lonestar Taqueria which I haven’t review on here but have been numerous times.






17We love Lonestar in our house. It is a Triple D’s location here in Utah so it is always busy. The guacamole is my absolute favorite! I usually get their fish of the day tacos but when we went it was Tilapia- so nothing special. Sometimes they can even have shark! Regardless their adovada and carne asada are amazing. If you haven’t been you have to go. It does not disappoint. BHB was really sad we went with out him.

An added bonus to my little brother being here is he loves to lift and work out. We go together when we can and I am learning so much! He is huge!! From the last time I saw him in December he had gained 45 lbs of muscle! He just got a job and GNC so the hook up is definitely a plus. It is all about connections people, just kidding, but seriously.

Well that was pretty much a summary of the last month. I have a lot of races coming up so my training schedule is getting more intense. I’ve loved adding more weight lifting but now that I am back running again and that takes priority. There will be more of a balance and will be trimming up. My cross training with still be lifting and cycling. So far my next races are: Murdock 17, Big Cottonwood Half Marathon, and St George Marathon.

Until next time!

June Purchases & Snap Shots

June was another adventure with Brown Haired Boy. He definitely made it a special one to put in the books. There was a lot of family activities and a trip to Lake Powell, purchases & gifts. I was extremely spoiled and treated like a princess.  

photo (16)

photo (7)


Sold Out


Sold Out


Pink Martini Skirt @ Soel Boutique

photo (6)1e63fda502e3b42a4fedc4d1e43ef337 5b6585e7ed54e74327a1333935efeeac98b3c404b4c6278a782ad77735c4bb0a42901_WE5376_m

image1xl (1)

image1xl (2)


In Red

In Red

photo (42)

photo (43)

photo (44)

photo (45)

photo (46)

photo (47)

photo (48)

photo (49)

race 2

Marathon & Birthday same thing right

Let just say I am still in shock. Wednesday I volunteered to take my friend’s spot in her marathon on Saturday. Being a planner this was very spontaneous to say the least. I haven’t run a marathon in 2 years but have one on schedule in October. I can pull a half marathon out of my butt but a marathon, that’s a whole other story. I won’t do a whole recap of the race. How I did it I am still not sure. However, I stayed positive the entire time and just enjoyed it- which is not like my normal self. I am extremely competitive so the fact that qualifying for Boston was a possibility with how I was feeling and my pace I just couldn’t help it.

3:23 was my official time. I qualified but in someone else’s name. . .

photo (2)

photo (5)

Made paleo protein pancakes but added enjoy life chocolate chips. Everything is better with chocolate. The best part was coming home to a note from Brown Haired Boy since he was working and couldn’t come to the finish line.

photo (1)

He bought the flowers after he found out that I qualified for Boston. It’s pictured in bed because that’s where I was all day yesterday and today to be honest.


Birthday is also in this title. I am a birthday whore. Not sure exactly what I mean by that but I love everything about them. I enjoy making big deals over them. I believe in birthday week and if we are being honest I celebrate it the whole month of June. This year I am trying to tone it down a little bit. I mean I am getting older so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal right. . . who am I kidding.

I told BHB that I didn’t want anything other than dinner at Tortilla Bar. Yes I cannot get enough of that place. I’ve probably been 4 times since my review on it. In case he does decide to get me something or anyone else for that matter, here are some ideas:

The Goods


I’ve wanted this for way too long

quest bar

Questbar cookie dough bars. Absolutely Favorite.

yellow kitchen

Perfect for my Kitchen


Why wouldn’t he want me to get this!

zara heels

Size 9 please! Been waiting forever to get these!


Size M.

Size Small Please!

Size Small Please!


Size 8.5

Taking me to Lululemon, Anthropologie, J Crew, Nordstrom, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe’s will make me happy as well!

Next time we can talk about the birthday treat! I am all about creating healthier indulgences however my husband is the opposite. It’s all about balance between me and him.

Time for an ice bath. BHB loves pour the ice on me, rude.