Find what makes YOU happy

Sometimes too much time passes before I write. Life gets busy for everyone and lately it’s been a little hectic but wonderful at the same time!


Trying to put together a race is a lot of hard work! Advertising for this race has been even harder. But I know it will be such a fun race!

Stoplight 5K for Valentines Day! 

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Our store is moving to a new location. The process of everything is blowing my mind. I am learning so much and am so grateful for this opportunity. Being in charge of choosing paint, carpet, and design is a little stressful but it’s fun!


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Picture thoughts/captions:

  • Meal prepping has been my favorite activity lately. I definitely go through phases but what wont change is my love for planning the meals out and especially the grocery shopping. Almost everything about it. Minus the dishes.
  • I eat a lot of salads. It is my favorite way to get my greens in!
  • Meat lately has not been my favorite. Seafood on the other hand- – keep it coming!
  • There’s to my phases theme again. I’ve loved my veggies though!
  • Sugar cookies have been getting my through my long runs. The thought of enjoying one after my run makes the 3 hour runs worth it!
  • I have finally decided (after 3 trips) which place has the best sugar cookies (between Swig & Slurp) The winner is Slurp! Both are great though!
  • I try to keep my eating to be 85-90% clean and 10-15% indulgent! It is what makes me happy!
  • I know this seems cliche but I don’t eat healthy just because. I actually enjoy the foods I am eating.
  • If I am craving something then I’ll eat it! i.e. the bagel from Einsteins.
  • Leo will not leave me alone when I am eating. It drives me nuts! I always give in and give him something and I know that won’t help him learn.
  • Having a stocked fridge makes me extremely happy!
  • I know what I can and cannot have in my fridge and pantry.

List of can NOTS:

  1. Cereal
  2. Nut Butters
  3. Frozen Yogurt
  4. The desserts I make even though they are healthy: I make them so I can have 1-2 then I give them away! It’s a win win right?


My week typically looks like this in preparation of  my marathon. I need to get back to my weekly speed training. I’ve actually missed them! Never thought I would say that.

  • M: Cycle and arm/back workout
  • T & Th: Pump class twice a week then 3 miles before class and 3 after
  • W: Cycle class and tone it up workout schedule
  • F: Yoga or Spin
  • S: Long runs

The pump classes have changed everything! I absolutely love going to them and my arms are already seeing a lot of change. I love working my back and this class really involves the back with every other body part. The classes work my legs without getting too sore for my long runs. It is a hard balance to lift and excel in long distance running. Thursdays’ pump class always kick my butt! Then I always follow the Tone It Up workouts! I joined a few years ago and I love the community. You are a life time member and it is definitely worth it to me!


I am learning so much about myself. I’m all for analyzing my behavior and actions. I try to be and do better each day. I love making goals and accomplishing them. Of course I struggle with some of the goals like every other human being. I am far from perfect and that is important to recognize. I don’t try to show myself as a perfect person. It is hard since I can be a perfectionist. I am slowly learning to love myself for who I am and focus on the things I can change and not on the things I can’t. This is still hard for me to realize and I still struggle daily. Brown haired boy helps me a lot and I can’t imagine a day without him.

The biggest thing is the fact that keeping a positive attitude goes a long way. I am the type of person who cannot hide my feelings. It shows all over my face. I’ve always distinguished myself and probably a little too proud of is being “Real” but I have now realized that it is possible to take it too far. There is a time and place for that whereas the idea of, “faking it until you make it,” is necessary sometimes. As much as I don’t like that idea its just what grown ups have to do sometimes! I am almost 25, and I know that is far from old but there are some grown up things that I do need to apply to my life.

The things you admire most about others usually are your weaknesses. I always admire how the positive attitudes of some of the people I meet. That is my weakness. I am not saying I am not positive. I just struggle, when things are hard, to keep smiling. That shows lack of gratitude and I would hate it if that was  considered a characteristic of mine.

I am grateful. For my Husband, family, my faith,  job, friends, and especially for the power of forgiveness and the ability to change.



California Trip Recap

Going to California during the winter was perfect. We left below 20 degree weather and traded it for 75 degrees. We just wanted to relax as much as possible but do as much as we can with the allotted time. This is hard to do but it worked. The trip had a rough start with spending a fortune on a horrible rental. We tried our hardest not to think about it and enjoy our trip regardless.

We spent time with family, ate way too much food, and finally spent some time with just each other. I wasn’t too great with taking pictures so forgive me.


First stop was Magnolia Bakery.

Their famous Banana Pudding

photo 3-4

Brown Haired Boy’s Choice: Red Velvet Cheesecake with an Oreo crust.

photo 4-4

My Sister raves about The Bagel Shack on a daily basis. Which is why it was one of our first spots to try. I’m not one to crave bagels but wow my mind was blown with this joint. The best bagels.  After a 15 miler to the beach I was happy to indulge in this carb-ness.

If you are ever in Southern California this is a must and please try the Everything or Swiss Bagel.

photo 1-6

We spent a day in San Diego which we do every time we visit my sister.

Why we love San Diego:

1. We were married there. 2. BHB spent 2 years of his life there and 3. I was born there.

Brown Haired Boy doesn’t really care about food. Goes with the flow and pretty much eats where ever I want (unless it is Indian, Thai, or just too healthy). Hence the “Honey Taste This” blog title. However when we are in San Diego he definitely enjoys his favorites.

He couldn’t decide between his California Burrito or Carne Asada Fries so he got both! He loves Lolitas!

photo 4-3

I got take out from True Foods Kitchen while we were in Mission Valley. I Yelped it because I knew there had to be one near and the first comment made my mouth water so that was exactly what I ordered:

The Bison Burger- Protein Style-, Kale Salad, and Sweet Potato Hash. To.Die.For. Good thing I do not live near one or else I would be broke.

photo 3-3

We went back to True Foods when we went to New Port with the whole family and I definitely stuffed my face. As an appetizer I chose the Farm Salad and it was amazing. I shared it with everyone who wanted to try it. Todd finished it off which is saying something. The ingredients that I remember are: Kale, Broccoli, Dried Cranberries, Lemon Vinaigrette-that I want to recreate-, apples, and my favorite cheese: Goat Cheese. I took the picture after it had been demolished but I am not sorry because I was cranky-hungry.

For my main dish I ordered a Gluten Free Butternut Squash Pizza. I know I say everything is the best but this was the best pizza I’ve had in a long time. Since pizza is my favorite I am always on the look-out and this pizza is now in the number one spot.

photo 2-6


The last picture of eats is a green juice that I had every day I was there. This is another reason why I cannot live there because this drink is $7 a pop.

Luckily, Nekter lists the ingredients of each juice/smoothie so I was able to recreate it at home. I blame my sister for the addiction.

Toxin Flush via Nekter 

photo 5-4

Other stops that were un documented:

Sprinkles Ice Cream

ordered a Sea Salt Caramel (very strong flavor) and Banana

Bottega Louie

Tried their famous Mushroom Fries & Macaroons.

Family Time:

photo 1-5

We always celebrate the new year with a glass of Martinelli’s.

photo 1-4

Deegan and Todd definitely bonded this trip.

photo 2-3

The birthday boy! New Years Eve baby.

photo 3-2


Everyone knows that this little one has my heart. Tylee is the cutest and sassiest little girl I’ve ever met. She was pretty sick the whole trip but I didn’t care because I love her that much. 

photo 4-2

I fall in love with this Man every single day.

photo 5-3

photo 1-7

photo 2-4

photo 1-9


Brinley and I had fun at the MAC counter. She loves lipstick as much as me! Since the day she was born everyone says she is my twin and mistake her for mine instead of my sister. But personality wise Brinley is my sister’s child through and through.

Looking back on 2013, we are so grateful for all the opportunities and blessing we have received. This trip was needed in every way possible. We are happy to be back in Utah though and starting another year together.

Happy New Year! Here’s to 2014 and making it another great year! 

Taste of Life Lately

Life has been crazy around here. I wish I had reviews for you but to be honest we haven’t gone anywhere new. With a new job, family reunion, having my little brother live with us, and new training schedule its been busy to say the least.

My new job is great. I’m finally doing something in a field that I love. The first week on the job was actually at the Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. It is a huge convention that has pretty much every brand out there showing their new lines. This convention was incredible. I was able to meet amazing people and the experience just makes me want to dive right into everything involved. Plus being a buyer at a convention has its positives too. . .



The family reunion was the best one yet. Probably because I was able to be a part of it this time! Previous years it was always hit and miss on how many times I saw the family. This year I saw them every other day it was perfect. Brown haired boy unfortunately only saw them one day. Seven Peaks, Boating, Park City, and just being together was just what the doctor ordered. Family is everything to me. I don’t get to see them often but when I do I try to embrace every second of it. BHB and I joked saying we don’t need kids we have our nieces and nephews!





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Having my little brother here has been nice. It is fun taking loved ones around your town. Which is why we haven’t tried anything new lately because we’ve been taking him to all of our favorite places. He loved Lonestar Taqueria which I haven’t review on here but have been numerous times.






17We love Lonestar in our house. It is a Triple D’s location here in Utah so it is always busy. The guacamole is my absolute favorite! I usually get their fish of the day tacos but when we went it was Tilapia- so nothing special. Sometimes they can even have shark! Regardless their adovada and carne asada are amazing. If you haven’t been you have to go. It does not disappoint. BHB was really sad we went with out him.

An added bonus to my little brother being here is he loves to lift and work out. We go together when we can and I am learning so much! He is huge!! From the last time I saw him in December he had gained 45 lbs of muscle! He just got a job and GNC so the hook up is definitely a plus. It is all about connections people, just kidding, but seriously.

Well that was pretty much a summary of the last month. I have a lot of races coming up so my training schedule is getting more intense. I’ve loved adding more weight lifting but now that I am back running again and that takes priority. There will be more of a balance and will be trimming up. My cross training with still be lifting and cycling. So far my next races are: Murdock 17, Big Cottonwood Half Marathon, and St George Marathon.

Until next time!