Day 6 of 21 day sugar detox

Lets just say that there is this one thing about women-hood that sucks. Well it struck and I definitely wanted chocolate in a bad way. Luckily I made some 21dsd approved treats that made my cramping hurt less. Men are beyond lucky to not receive the most desirable gift each month. But then again I’d rather have that than have an extra organ hang off me 24/7.  Too much? Maybe.

There is not a lack of food on this detox which is the best part! I got in the detox mood for a few days where all I did was read, cook, eat, and repeat. I think this was beyond helpful for the success of my detox. It didn’t feel like all I was doing was cooking and nor did I feel overwhelmed. I enjoyed every second of it. I was cooking recipes that I’ve always wanted to but just was too lazy to do.

photo 1

There has been a lot of sunny side up eggs but they are not getting old yet. I’ve been putting them on top of everything. I love when the yolk oozes out to dress everything underneath. This combo above was perfection. Egg, salmon, yam, and kale.

photo 2

I made savory rosemary coconut flour muffins (long enough title) and they are not perfect but they definitely fit the bill. I crumble it on everything which makes it seem less dry. I have made them before but I used a combo of grass-fed butter and oil and it was a lot tastier. These remind me exactly of the bread and oil from Macaroni Grill that I used to devour as a kid. The recipe comes with the 21 Day Sugar Detox.

photo 4

Finally made homemade mayo. Man was that difficult at first. I had to do it twice before I got it right. The first time I tried with a blender and it never thickened. The second time around I had Brown Haired Boy help me. Man! Whisking that long makes your wrist sore! There are things that I will change for the next go around. Like use a pasteurized egg for an example. I know that will make a huge difference.

photo 5

Fajita Soup. Perfect for the cold weather that hit this weekend. This bad boy will last me a whole week. There is everything you can think of in there, vegetable wise. I know that the crockpot will be a life savor while on this detox. I already have a few recipes lined up for next week that require my crock pot.

photo 7

This morning I knew I would be working out soon so I passed on the veggies. Sadly, this was the last of my Turkey Bacon. I wish I liked normal bacon but I just don’t. Yeah I know I am crazy. I love pork just not bacon by itself.

I also made Pumpkin Cream Chicken Casserole from Juli @ Paleomg. I loaded on the Franks Hot sauce which made it perfect. It doesn’t make the prettiest picture but who cares. This recipe makes a lot of servings! I’m pretty sure people are wondering why I have a tint of orange to my skin. 

On the treats side I’ve enjoyed sliced green apples (which I normally hate) heated up with almond butter. The other night I made a random microwave bake with pumpkin, egg whites, coconut flour, and half a banana. I topped it with coconut butter and I was in heaven. I even made it for breakfast one morning after a good workout and took a picture on the way to work.

photo 9


Ignore the awesome photography skills but oh my goodness how have I not made avocado chocolate pudding before. I was shocked when BHB wanted to try it. He of course said it was good but probably needs just a little more sweetness. But for someone on a sugar detox this was amazing. Banana, avocado, a little bit of almond milk, vanilla, coco powder, and done. I made a large batch which is probably the smartest thing I’ve ever done. After eating this and my random pumpkin microwave concoction I knew I could survive the next 3 weeks.



I feel like myself again. Which is my whole goal of this detox. Am I going to stop because I have pretty much reached my goal, absolutely not. I can definitely keep this up for a long time. It is how I ate before so now I just feel like I am back on track. Of course once this challenge is over I will partake in a “Paleo” treat that revolves around chocolate.

In comparison to the Whole 30 I only notice the element of less fruit and certain times to eat starchy carbs. With this detox it is like I am doing the Whole 30 but in the right way for me. Before I had a mentality that I could overindulging in a certain food group because I was lacking in something else. This time around I do not feel that way at all. It feels completely balanced, as it should.

On the vain part: My body is almost back! I feel like I can get in the best shape I’ve ever been in just from what I’ve learned and by getting back on track.  Since I have been taking it easy on the long distance running I’ve been focusing on body weight workouts, cycling, yoga, and running for speed. The variation has been perfect along side this detox.

I’ve realized a lot about how my brain works. I know that when I am eating to be my best self I am so much happier. When I spend that little time on myself it helps me be a better wife, sister, daughter, and friend.


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