We are huge fans of Mexican food. We definitely could eat it every day. We feel like we’ve had it all so it’s hard to stray away from our favorites, from fancy mexican food (more Americanized) to the real authentic kind. I had heard mixed reviews of this place which is why I was not in a rush to go.

The restaurant is adorable inside. The decor is a mix between Bajios and Cafe Rio. They use our favorite glassware. The kind that is clear glass on top but a blue glass on the lower half. We are obsessed with those glasses.

There are several pages in their menu. They include pictures in their menu which can be considered convenient or tacky. Since this isn’t a fancy restaurant I didn’t find it tacky.  The pictures did remind me of photos used by an iPhone. But who am I to talk. I still take photos with my phone. Eventually we will get you guys some quality photos.


The dinner started with chips and two different salsas. The chips were blah but the salsas were great. Especially the sweet green chile one. They weren’t spicy or hot whatsoever which can usually turn me off but I couldn’t get enough of them. Luckily the green chile was on my entree too! I read some reviews before we went and wish I hadn’t. They weren’t too accurate. However; my choice of entree was based off reviews from friends. I ordered the Chicken Mango Salad. It was good but not worth the price tag. The un-cut chicken came on top of a smothered green salad. When I say smothered I am not exaggerating and this was before the salad dressing- – that I didn’t even use. I mean the salsa from earlier was what on the salad so it was good but didn’t love that the lettuce was drenched.

image (3)

Brown Haired Boy ordered the MILAGROS CHILE RELLENO: A Milagros Chile Relleno is a FRESH Poblano chile (about a 3 on a heat scale from 1 to 10… a Jalapeno would be about a 7 on the heat scale.)  First we “blister” the outside skin of the chile, peel the skin off and stuff the inside with our creamy homemade fundido cheese.  This relleno has a subtle “snap” to it and is filled with our flavorful, rich fundido cheese.  Our Relleno is often described as “the best ever!” (their description). It was far from hot or spicy. Regardless BHB loved it. He said the best part was the Fundido cheese. That didn’t really appeal to me. The chicken was kind of dry. You knew right away how they prepared it, boiling the chicken. I was sad he didn’t choose the Baby Back Enchiladas 🙂 but he did offer me one of his sides. I am glad I didn’t order the Grilled Sweet Onion Ball as a starter because it was quite disappointing. It was tasteless. I had one bite and that was enough.

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Overall we are glad we finally tried it. But in all honesty we are glad to finally have it off our list to try. We don’t know if we would go back because it wasn’t a place that we’d crave. Maybe if we went with friends. But if it was just us two we would rather go to Costa Vida or Bajios which is where we can get more for our money anyways!

Until our next outing. .