Taste of Life Lately

Life has been crazy around here. I wish I had reviews for you but to be honest we haven’t gone anywhere new. With a new job, family reunion, having my little brother live with us, and new training schedule its been busy to say the least.

My new job is great. I’m finally doing something in a field that I love. The first week on the job was actually at the Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. It is a huge convention that has pretty much every brand out there showing their new lines. This convention was incredible. I was able to meet amazing people and the experience just makes me want to dive right into everything involved. Plus being a buyer at a convention has its positives too. . .



The family reunion was the best one yet. Probably because I was able to be a part of it this time! Previous years it was always hit and miss on how many times I saw the family. This year I saw them every other day it was perfect. Brown haired boy unfortunately only saw them one day. Seven Peaks, Boating, Park City, and just being together was just what the doctor ordered. Family is everything to me. I don’t get to see them often but when I do I try to embrace every second of it. BHB and I joked saying we don’t need kids we have our nieces and nephews!





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Having my little brother here has been nice. It is fun taking loved ones around your town. Which is why we haven’t tried anything new lately because we’ve been taking him to all of our favorite places. He loved Lonestar Taqueria which I haven’t review on here but have been numerous times.






17We love Lonestar in our house. It is a Triple D’s location here in Utah so it is always busy. The guacamole is my absolute favorite! I usually get their fish of the day tacos but when we went it was Tilapia- so nothing special. Sometimes they can even have shark! Regardless their adovada and carne asada are amazing. If you haven’t been you have to go. It does not disappoint. BHB was really sad we went with out him.

An added bonus to my little brother being here is he loves to lift and work out. We go together when we can and I am learning so much! He is huge!! From the last time I saw him in December he had gained 45 lbs of muscle! He just got a job and GNC so the hook up is definitely a plus. It is all about connections people, just kidding, but seriously.

Well that was pretty much a summary of the last month. I have a lot of races coming up so my training schedule is getting more intense. I’ve loved adding more weight lifting but now that I am back running again and that takes priority. There will be more of a balance and will be trimming up. My cross training with still be lifting and cycling. So far my next races are: Murdock 17, Big Cottonwood Half Marathon, and St George Marathon.

Until next time!