Grilla Bites

I’m losing my mind. I swear I already wrote a review on this place. Maybe it was just a dream? We had a Groupon deal for this place for a lot more money than we needed; which was great because we got to try a lot of items. It’s hard to find good gluten free restaurants so when I looked at their menu I was really excited. Once we got there I was not disappointed either. Brown Haired Boy can tell you that I can get disappointed easily and real fast. Horrible trait that I have. I need to work on it.

photo (46)

photo (48)


I pretty much created the sandwich. The manager was helping us and she was the chillest employee I’ve ever met. She was all about keeping the customer happy. Loved it! The creation was a turkey cranberry sandwich with lettuce, cucumber, and avocado, on gluten-free bread. I ate that thing right up. Didn’t really bother with the veggies and hummus though. I would have if that was all I ordered but there was still more things to try.

photo (45)

Mega Green Smoothie Fresh: spinach, kale and parsley blended with bananas, yogurt and apple juice. The smoothie was really good. But tasted a lot like something I would make at home. Didn’t finish it because the brownie definitely stole the show.

photo (47)


Bison Hot Dog: Grilled grass-fed bison hot dog served with grilled onions, spinach and tomatoes (nitrate free, preservative free, additive free) This is what BHB ordered and he loved it. I know when he loves it because he finished it. He doesn’t finish things he doesn’t care for. Makes sense. He wanted the hot dogs to be on our grocery list.
photo (49)

Gluten-Free Brownie: Need I say more? Honestly so good. I am a huge brownie fan. Especially if you say its gluten-free you’ve got my attention. I still can’t think of Brownies as dessert. My Mom would send us out the door each morning with a brownie and milk. That was our breakfast. Perfect Mom right?
photo (50)

Strawberry-Basil Gluten-free Cookie: strange-but-good. Loved this combination. I want to recreate this instantly! BHB loved it and finished it off.

photo (51)Gluten-Free Caramel Toffee Cookie: Good and glad we tried it. But the brownie had all of my attention.

I definitely want to go back. I wish I worked in the area that it is in. The perfect lunch spot. Awesome service and really fast. I want to try everything on the menu. Way better than a Great Harvest, Subway, or Quizinos- Yuck.

Great quality food. Perfect for foodies looking for something quick! I’d go in just for the brownie. . .every week.


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