June Purchases & Snap Shots

June was another adventure with Brown Haired Boy. He definitely made it a special one to put in the books. There was a lot of family activities and a trip to Lake Powell, purchases & gifts. I was extremely spoiled and treated like a princess.  

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Sold Out


Sold Out


Pink Martini Skirt @ Soel Boutique

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In Red

In Red

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race 2


Marathon & Birthday same thing right

Let just say I am still in shock. Wednesday I volunteered to take my friend’s spot in her marathon on Saturday. Being a planner this was very spontaneous to say the least. I haven’t run a marathon in 2 years but have one on schedule in October. I can pull a half marathon out of my butt but a marathon, that’s a whole other story. I won’t do a whole recap of the race. How I did it I am still not sure. However, I stayed positive the entire time and just enjoyed it- which is not like my normal self. I am extremely competitive so the fact that qualifying for Boston was a possibility with how I was feeling and my pace I just couldn’t help it.

3:23 was my official time. I qualified but in someone else’s name. . .

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Made paleo protein pancakes but added enjoy life chocolate chips. Everything is better with chocolate. The best part was coming home to a note from Brown Haired Boy since he was working and couldn’t come to the finish line.

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He bought the flowers after he found out that I qualified for Boston. It’s pictured in bed because that’s where I was all day yesterday and today to be honest.


Birthday is also in this title. I am a birthday whore. Not sure exactly what I mean by that but I love everything about them. I enjoy making big deals over them. I believe in birthday week and if we are being honest I celebrate it the whole month of June. This year I am trying to tone it down a little bit. I mean I am getting older so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal right. . . who am I kidding.

I told BHB that I didn’t want anything other than dinner at Tortilla Bar. Yes I cannot get enough of that place. I’ve probably been 4 times since my review on it. In case he does decide to get me something or anyone else for that matter, here are some ideas:

The Goods


I’ve wanted this for way too long

quest bar

Questbar cookie dough bars. Absolutely Favorite.

yellow kitchen

Perfect for my Kitchen


Why wouldn’t he want me to get this!

zara heels

Size 9 please! Been waiting forever to get these!


Size M.

Size Small Please!

Size Small Please!


Size 8.5

Taking me to Lululemon, Anthropologie, J Crew, Nordstrom, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe’s will make me happy as well!

Next time we can talk about the birthday treat! I am all about creating healthier¬†indulgences however my husband is the opposite. It’s all about balance between me and him.

Time for an ice bath. BHB loves pour the ice on me, rude.