California Recap

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California will always hold a place in our hearts: my birth place, Brown Haired Boy spent 2 years there and where we got married! I still have family there so we go there as often as we can. We always stay in southern California but I definitely want to go north at some point. San Fran is high up on my list.

Traveling to us is all about the food and spending time together. Before we go anywhere we always look up all the restaurants on Diner’s Drive-ins & Dives and anything related to Food Network, Man vs Food, and the Travel channel.

Before the trip I made a list of the restaurants, food trucks, and of course gluten-free dessert places. I didn’t get to go to all of the places I wanted but it still was a successful food trip. BHB had the places he wanted to go to as well. He is all about the California burritos and carne asada fries. We only ate at two restaurants together. The rest of the time we went to our separate places. That does not bother us at all. We both love our foods and don’t mind the multiple stops.

Tentative List:

  • Not-So-Fast Paleo Truck : Extremely disappointed about this one. BHB and I thought we tracked them down to this elementary school event. We looked like complete creepers walking into a school full of kids running around. Then come to find out that the food truck didn’t even show up. I was already starving from the get go and then that pushed me over the edge. I am the definition of HANGRY just ask the Husb.
  • Cups: An adorable organic & gluten-free cupcake shop in La Jolla. Perfect frosting. Lets be honest that is the only reason why I even get cupcakes. I eat the top and then I am done. Cake just doesn’t interest me like a cookie or brownie. They are too dry but carrot cake is a whole other story! I got the PB Cup &  Bottoms Up. The PB Cup has a hard chocolate shell that surrounds the peanut butter frosting. Oh my goodness just give me 2 of those! The cake part was still too dry for my taste. The Bottom’s Up cupcake had a delicious chocolate cream cheese frosting and the cake wasn’t too dry! BHB got the red velvet and he took two bites and was done. He said he’s had better.
  • The CottageBHB and I always go here when we are in San Diego. It is always worth the wait no matter what people say. I love how it is so comfortable. We go once a year and the owner always remembers us. I order something different every time. I die in jealousy when I see the stuffed french toast and the oatmeal pancakes. Before I knew I couldn’t have gluten I did have one of their scones. They are to die for or maybe it was just their homemade strawberry jam. This time I ordered the Chilaquileseggs, queso fresco, onions, tomatoes, tortilla strips, tomatillo salsa, and added the soy chorizo. It hit the spot completely. I asked the waiter what he would suggest and ordered exactly what he said. BHB ordered the eggs benedict sourdough sandwich. The eggs were cooked to perfection.
  • Crazee Burger: we’ve wanted to go here ever since we saw it on Triple D’s. However we don’t seem to make it there. Next time we are for sure going! I really want to try the exotic burgers.
  • Tru Foods: My sister raves about this place. I think it is a great place but I didn’t order the right things. I got the goat cheese and strawberry salad as an appetizer and then their “famous” spaghetti squash casserole. I make those two items at home on a weekly basis and much better to be completely honest. So I was a little disappointed to say the least. BHB ordered the steak tacos. It was definitely missing a good strong sauce.  So when the bill came out to be around $50 we felt like he got the shaft. I am not saying I wouldn’t go back. Just next time I will definitely try something else.
  • Bristol Farms: Every time I am in San Diego I go there. Always crossing my fingers for my favorite sweet potato dish at the cold bar. After striking out at the food truck I knew what I wanted. Lucky for me they had it! Oh my goodness its like dessert! I got enough for it to last me for three meals. Their reduced fat tuna is pretty dang good too.
  • Pieology: My brother raves about this place. When he said they had gluten-free pizza I knew I had to try it! This restaurant is in the Irvine Spectrum. It is a pizza place where you custom order your pizza and go through the line of numerous toppings. I created my own with GF pizza crust, BBQ sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese, jalapenos, chicken- not enough-, and some veggies. It was absolutely delicious. I have no complaints about the pizza but do not go to the place on the weekends or want to have a conversation while you eat. It is way too small! We got it to go and that was definitely the smartest idea of the night.
  • Slaters 50/50: A place all about burgers. I am pretty sure its a chain food restaurant which is not what we usually go to but when I heard they had a Peanut Butter & Jelly Burger I was intrigued. We started off with their sweet potato fries. I can’t go to a place with sweet potato fries and not get them. What made their fries was the sauce. The best way to describe the sauce is it tasted like pumpkin cream cheese. My Sister and I loved it but BHB isn’t a fan of pumpkin so he passed on it. My Sister ordered the turkey burger which tasted like a Boca Burger. BHB got their 50/50 bacon burger. Where the patty is made with 50% grounded bacon and 50% beef. He loved it! The PB&J Burger was wrapped in lettuce. I knew right away that they had used Skippy’s brand of Peanut butter and I don’t love that brand. I guess I am a nut butter snob and like the real good stuff. There wasn’t enough jelly either. I kept thinking of how I will recreate this at home a thousand times better.

Whole Foods/ Cups/ Bristol Farms/ PBJ Burger

picstitchThe Cottage

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Tru Foods

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picstitch (1)Brown Haired Boy’s List:

  • Hodads
  • Lolitas
  • Kono’s Cafe
  • Las Casadores
  • Don Pedros
  • I tried asking for more but he couldn’t think on the spot.

Our trip was perfect full of relaxation, food, and family. A lot of time was spent in the car but we didn’t mind too much. Or that is just me talking since I didn’t drive once. Yes I am a princess sometimes. After being back for 3 weeks we are ready for another one! My vote is for Hawaii. Any food suggestions? The island with the most suggestions will be on the top of our list!

Next review will be for Chef’s Table


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